Texas Hill Country!

There are 2 things I know for certain… (1) Texas is big and (2) Texas is beautiful. I like to think Britt and I were very fortunate to be born in such an amazing state. We currently reside at the junction between the plains and the gulf region of Texas. The topography of our region is flowing hills and lots of trees. That has its own unique beauty but whenever we get the chance, we love to head west. Within about an hour and a half drive, we enter the Texas Hill County. If you have never been, I encourage you to stop by on your travels and I’ll show you our hot spots.

Enchanted Rock State Park

This is a fun State Park within 20 minutes of Fredericksburg, Tx, and the name is absolutely fitting. This place is enchanted. Miles of hiking trails and climbing walls. The highlight is the huge mound of marble in the center. You can see it driving in for miles. No special equipment needed, except for some decent cardio, to get to the top. I’ve done some primitive camping at this state park, and really enjoyed the campgrounds. Lots of trees and flat ground to set a nice spot up. After a nice day of hiking, be sure to check out Fredericksburg, its countless vineyards and German food.

Hamilton Pool Reserve

Ok. Yall. Ok. This is a real place and it is even better in person. You need a reservation so plan ahead. While that seems like a nuisance, it keeps the crowds down and allows everyone an amazingly pleasant and relaxing experience. Just go.

Pedernales Falls State Park

This was the big surprise to us when we were doing our Hill Country tour. Maybe it was our low/no expectations, but we fell in love with this State Park. It is the quintessential Texas experience. It is hard to describe, but if I could bottle Texas up, this would be it. Down by the actual Perdernales Falls, water comes out of the ground in the most mind blowing ways. You can’t even see the origins, just water coming up through the ground. I stared at this one spot for 5 minutes in a trance. My brain tried so hard but ultimately gave up on understanding this natural phenomena.

Honorable Mentions

Beer: Twisted X Brewing Company gets the nod in this blog post, but the Texas Hill Country has countless breweries worth visiting.

BBQ: Salt Lick is a most see/most eat situation. It is near Luckenback, Tx so knock both these bucket lists off in the same afternoon.

Olive Oil: Texas Hill Country Olive Company. Olive oil? Olive oil! Countless styles and flavors. Go for the olive oil, stay for a meal and fine Texas wines.

Music: Obviously, Austin is the music epicenter of Texas, but we really enjoyed a smaller music and beer festival in Marble Falls, Tx that happens late July/early August every year. Be sure to check out Beer By The Bay. We have been 3 years in a row and plan on going back again.

With all that said, these are just our favorite spots in the Hill Country. We will be doing a blog post of Big Bend National Park, but that deserves its own post. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, y’all!

  • Will Skiles