Magnolia Beach, Tx


I’ll try to avoid crying while writing this post, but the honest truth is that this entire trip to the beach was to give our old dog a chance to swim in the ocean before he passes away. Welcome to Magnolia Beach, TX. Being born and raised in Texas, it wasn’t until I found a Youtube video by Drivin’ and Vibin’ that I learned of this Texas gem.

Magnolia Beach, TX is within Lavaca Bay

Magnolia Beach, TX is within Lavaca Bay


There is a small Texas coastal town, classified as an unincorporated community, that lets you drive right up to the coastline and boondock for up to 2 weeks, Magnolia, TX. While the drive in might not be memorable, your stay will be. Brittany and I have an aging canine companion, Rebel, who absolutely loves swimming, yet had never had the chance to see the ocean. We had always talked about getting him to the ocean since he was a puppy due to his affinity for water, but it never happened. We came across a YouTube video from our ‘brotha-from-anotha-motha’ Drivin’ and Vibin’ documenting this beachfront. We had recently returned from India and itching to travel again. Even with our newly purchased generator failing and the excessive amounts of sand we tracked in the Airstream, we made unforgettable memories.


We went at the end of March, so Texas is just starting its annual increase in temperature. The water was still cold, but the air was oh so muggy. With the loss of our precious generator, we had a rough night in pure ‘sweaty wet-sheet hell’. Lesson learned, test your equipment!! The highlight of the weekend on the beachfront was allowing our old pup, Rebel, to frolic in the waves for hours on end until he was worn out. Retreating to the Airstream, I got some adorable pictures of him and his pup brothers sleeping the afternoon away. Britt and I relaxed in the lawn chairs, drank a few beers and watched the unobstructed sun set.


You can not beat the sunsets and sunrises on this beach, especially if you roll out of bed to capture them. Again, I need to mention this was boondocking at its purest form, but this beach did accommodate with free showers and bathrooms. If your rig is on the larger size, do not be afraid about trekking onto the sandy beach. The beach is a composite of sand and shells resulting in a dense, compacted foundation easily traversed in a small travel trailer to a large A class motorhome.

All in all, we give this beach a positive recommendation for a boondocking location. No forms, the money, beachfront location with a first come, first serve mentality. Definitely check this place out for a free beachfront experience.

Thanks for reading, y’all!

  • Will Skiles