Alaskan Cruise: Part 5 (Ketchikan, AK)



Will's Day:

As you'll see in the upcoming pictures, the weather in Ketchikan on the day we arrived was absolutely beautiful! Great, right? Apparently not. On average, Ketchikan can expect to get around 7 sunny days every summer. That's an incredibly small number from a guy from Texas. Well, the day we arrived, this sunshine was going on the 12th day, with an expected 7 more days before the clouds moved back in. All in all, this is a very unusual weather pattern for Ketchikan. It would be like Texas getting record cold weather in August. Not normal. Of all the excursions we planned, Britt's father, Ray, had set the guys up with a fishing trip in Ketchikan. It was an amazing treat and we were sure to have a good time together. The only downside is that all this beautiful sunshine led to an algae bloom which turned the waters green and caused the fish to stop biting. We went out with Captain Jerry who was a very fun and experienced fishing captain, indeed. Captain Jerry was bubbling over with captivating stories and experiences that made us laugh until our sides were sore. I wouldn't dare repeat any of those stories here because what happens in Captain Jerry's boat, stays on Captain Jerry's boat. Captain Jerry navigated a poor fishing day with poise and respect for our experience. I feel he would have stayed out at sea all day and night to catch us a fish, but alas, we had to get back to the cruise ship. After a few hours, and an amazing Bald Eagle show (video below), we headed back to the cruise ship and spent the rest of the day day drinking with the guys. My day couldn't have been much better. Before I turn this blog post over to Britt to share her portion of the day in Ketchikan, I'd like to throw out an endorsement for Captain Jerry. If you are going on a cruise to Ketchikan, you would not go wrong charting a fishing trip with Captain Jerry. Even if the fish do not bite, you'll leave with stories. 

Britt's Day:

The boys and girls split for this excursion. Essentially my dad wanted to take the boys fishing, so we girls were on our own. I had heard that you were able to get any (or a lot) of excursions off the boat at the port, but honestly looking back, I would book them ahead of time. Fortunately we found an amazing Hummer tour guide that privately took us around the town. Again honestly, I had no expectations about this tour, and I really was a little disappointed because I wasn’t getting to go kayaking. I could not have been more wrong! It was an awesome time. Ketchikan was absolutely gorgeous. We started by getting to stop at this beautiful roadside waterfall and an adorable local jam stand. We then made our way to the salmon hatchery where we saw a huge king salmon and a baby salmon escape! It was set in the most quintessential park with a beautiful creek running through it. Just adjacent to this was the totem pole museum. It was absolutely fascinating to see these large structures preserved through history. We ended our tour meandering through a state park and enjoying the sea views.  The guide we had was so enthusiastic. He ensured that we were having a good time. I learned to have an open mind, and you just might be surprised. I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to bond with my mom and sisters. Have you ever had trip plans that didn’t go the way you thought they would? Share below!